By Educating renters and then holding them
accountable for the damage they do to property.

Rental agreements should state the tenant must change the
filter and must pay for service calls caused by filter issues.

Common and costly repairs are caused by leaving the filter out

This neglected filter has collapsed and is allowing dust and dirt
 into the system the same as if the filter had been removed.

Frozen Coil
When a coil is dirty enough the unit wont run without
 freezing it has to be cleaned.

This one is easy to get to and could be cleaned in place $
If a coil inaccessible or too dirty it must be pulled out and cleaned.$$

To pull and clean a coil entails , removing all the Freon
 from the system using a torch to cut the Freon lines loose
 from the air  handler. Taking apart the unit removing the
coil and taking it outside to be chemically cleaned. Before
 putting it all back together and recharging it it with Freon  

float switch
Many older units do not have float switches to protect
 against flooding If a drain line clogs up or the water can not
 flow due to the vacuum caused by a very dirty filter it can
cause water damage to the Property $$              
Damaged coil
Running a unit frozen for an extended period of time
 can cause the fan motor in the indoor unit to fail $$
 or the compressor in the outside unit to fail $$$$

You can save the property owner a lot of money by
educating renters and requiring  them to pay for
 damage caused by abuse and neglect.

Property managers
Unskilled repairs
Heat exchanger
Ductwork torn
evap coil

Property managers should be aware of the dangers and
financial liabilities associated with mold and mildew

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